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wordpress goodies

Mar 17, 2016 - wordpress - 0 Comments - Standard

I needed to have custom post type taxonomies (custom categories, really) but 2 of those would have only one post each, so instead of listing post title with a link, the entire post should display. This little tidbit goes in the category template works to show content if there is only one post, but the […]

nice little bit to fix tag archive

Aug 22, 2012 - wordpress - 0 Comments - Standard

Was having a problem with tag archive not pulling from custom post types, or from pages (I added a plugin to add tags to pages). After much searching and minor hair loss, I found this: function post_type_tags_fix($request) { if ( isset($request[‘tag’]) && !isset($request[‘post_type’]) ) $request[‘post_type’] = ‘any’; return $request; } add_filter(‘request’, ‘post_type_tags_fix’); from here: […]

hide form option using just css

Jan 10, 2012 - wordpress - 0 Comments - Standard

OK, I know this is cheater. But I don’t know javascript/jquery/whatever, and the plugin people didn’t care to offer this help even as a paid ticket. And this is a deadline here, people. So, after a bit of digging and a very small amount of sweat, I tried this and it WORKS: form.product select#quantity-48 option:nth-child(n+11){display:none;} […]

the challenge of categories with extra info, and displaying subcategories

Oct 22, 2011 - wordpress - 0 Comments - Standard

I love working with WordPress, but it seems each project comes with an unforseen challenge. This was a new problem: how to only display subcategories on a parent category page, no posts. Because I’m more of a cut-and-paster than a coder, I rely on google to help find solutions. What I was looking for: – […]