On why loveandheartness

When my son was in Young 5s, he signed the Valentine’s Day card to his teacher:

“I love you with love and heartness.”

So it’s been a little family thing.

I like to think everything I’ve made has been with love and heartness. Including this site.

About why it’s a website

Something to experiment with on WordPress, a place to track sewing projects, something for experience writing and posting. In other words, something just for me. That’s why I say “I” a lot.

On my real life

In my other world, I’m a graphic designer for print and web. I also teach design. I live with my family in house built in the 1860’s. Currently, it’s decorated with lots of color and a mix of old and new. Am thinking about going even more modern with the new.

The coolest thing…

…about me is that I’m really weird. I’m OK with that.

…about our house was the first in the area with an electric light. The owner charged a penny to come inside and see it.

…I’ve ever photographed artistically is rust.

…I’ve done so far with my daughter is take her to Europe. A return trip would be fab.

…my son likes is monkeys. Not chimpanzees. I want to take him to Costa Rica or Brazil.

…about my husband is that he’s very loyal. And his nickname is mouse. We honeymooned at Disney World.

On spelling

It’s important. Seriously.

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