skillshare and intriguing photos


I’m taking a skillshare classes when I can, and a quick photography project class came up. The videos were only 20 minutes total and I’ve been needing to work on my focusing skills which seem to have abandoned me. It was a lot of fun playing for a bit, especially in manual mode. The most surprising thing was turning off autofocus and taking pictures without looking — some of them turned out quite interesting.

The project was to photograph an everyday object so I grabbed the fabric tape measure that was out. The photo above did not make the cut but was so intriguing I wanted to look it  more.

Visit the project and photos chosen here:

You get to decide how to think

You get to decide how to think
You get to decide how to think

Inspired by this video:

Excerpt from graduation speech by David Foster Wallace about the importance of education in learning how to THINK about anything and everything.

new pastime

marching band shako

The boy joined marching band, and is having a great time. These guys are competitive, so his entire summer has been spent on various fields and lots learning the moves. This shot was snapped at the first football of the season. It isn’t his hat — he’s a trumpeter, not a drummer. Both cool instruments but I think the party doesn’t really get started until the trumpets blow@

marching band shako

summer 2012, little peeks

Summer 2012, so far. Includes Harrisville, Michigan; Sandusky, Ohio, Oscoda, Michigan; Grand Haven, Michigan; and micellaneous points between.

what’s important

laughing with family

laughing with friends


feeling healthy, both mentally and physically

rewarding work