A Lake Orion Dragon

A Lake Orion Dragon

This wonderful guy is proud to be a Lake Orion dragon. He was carved entirely with a chainsaw by Gary Elzerman. There is a carved an “LO” on the rocks and a plaque. If you’re in a school or sports group in Lake Orion, you’re welcome to come by and take a photo with him! …

cool mailing envelopes

envelope at the post office

The nice folks at Sticker Mule made these poly mailers. I started with a fun clown from a vintage paint by number, added a background and text and voila! Here is the first special delivery going out to a fabulous friend in Texas.

reading challenge

i like reading challenges but rarely take part. Here is a list culled from other challenges to make my own. I don’t have a timeline to finish in but will check them off once I’ve read. more than 500 pages book that became a movie published in the current year written by someone under 30 …

wordpress goodies

I needed to have custom post type taxonomies (custom categories, really) but 2 of those would have only one post each, so instead of listing post title with a link, the entire post should display. This little tidbit goes in the category template works to show content if there is only one post, but the …

cold man

There is an amazing exhibit about the human body with plasticized parts, like the entire nervous system hot glued and sandwiched between glass (!). For me the most haunting was the man on horseback but I’m not even going to describe that one further.  So we have a joke with friends that involves “Cold Man” …

I did a [insert word here] job

Sometimes in home projects it doesn’t matter what the inserted word is because the operative word is DID as in DONE. I did a [great] job. Fantastic! I did a [crappy] job. At least it’s done!