Photo class: capture the beauty of an everyday object

jumbled fabric tape measure with reflection in floor
fabric tape measure on wood floor
I like that this photo is blown out but still has nice bright colors

I’m taking a quick photography project class on Skillshare. The videos were only 20 minutes total and I’ve been wanting to work on focusing skills. It was a lot of fun playing with the camera in manual mode. The most surprising thing was turning off autofocus and taking pictures without looking — some of them turned out quite interesting.

jumbled fabric tape measure with reflection in floor
Assignment: depth of field. I like the reflection on the shiny wood floor.
Fabric tape measure held in a hand.
Assignment: with a human element.
fabric tape measure lying on a wood fllor
Assignment: close up. Now the floor looks more satin.
fabric tape measure with knitting project
Assignment: with it’s last project. Working a blanket using very large needles. I hadn’t used a tape measure for knitting before!

Visit the project here: