“I want it now!” California moms, don’t be a bad egg

A group in California is planning on suing McDonalds because they advertise toys with happy meals.

According to the article, parents are tired of having their kids pester them for a happy meal. The toys are top priority, and the food is contributing to America’s obesity problem.

Now, these parents are right on both counts. Advertising the toys do make kids want happy meals. And the sweet/salty taste of McDonalds is what people crave, even though it isn’t healthy.

Big companies exist to sell, and advertising/marketing has always been about maximizing sales. Since when are they in charge of raising our children?

Take charge, moms of California! It’s up to YOU to say “NO”, not only to happy meals, but birthday requests, the Christmas list, eating halloween candy, envying kids who have more, bigger, better anything‚Ķ YOU are free to make a trip to McDonalds a special occasion treat, or drive right by. YOU are free to distract your kids, or whatever it takes to make them less whiny.

I suspect the real problem is the example these moms give, which makes the children prone to “pestering.” Much of America has fallen into the trap of more stuff, and even worse, instant gratification. How often do these moms see something they want, then buy it right then? Where do you think these kids got the idea of NOW? Have we learned nothing from Veruca Salt?

So, to the moms of California, I say: McDonalds is a big company, maybe even an evil one. But blaming them for your own lack of parental responsibility is just sad. Be careful: the next beeping sound you hear may be the Egg-dicator.

(The original Willy Wonka movie is still a great inspiration!)