“I want it now!” California moms, don’t be a bad egg

A group in California is planning on suing McDonalds because they advertise toys with happy meals.

According to the article, parents are tired of having their kids pester them for a happy meal. The toys are top priority, and the food is contributing to America’s obesity problem.

Now, these parents are right on both counts. Advertising the toys do make kids want happy meals. And the sweet/salty taste of McDonalds is what people crave, even though it isn’t healthy.

Big companies exist to sell, and advertising/marketing has always been about maximizing sales. Since when are they in charge of raising our children?

Take charge, moms of California! It’s up to YOU to say “NO”, not only to happy meals, but birthday requests, the Christmas list, eating halloween candy, envying kids who have more, bigger, better anything‚Ķ YOU are free to make a trip to McDonalds a special occasion treat, or drive right by. YOU are free to distract your kids, or whatever it takes to make them less whiny.

I suspect the real problem is the example these moms give, which makes the children prone to “pestering.” Much of America has fallen into the trap of more stuff, and even worse, instant gratification. How often do these moms see something they want, then buy it right then? Where do you think these kids got the idea of NOW? Have we learned nothing from Veruca Salt?

So, to the moms of California, I say: McDonalds is a big company, maybe even an evil one. But blaming them for your own lack of parental responsibility is just sad. Be careful: the next beeping sound you hear may be the Egg-dicator.

(The original Willy Wonka movie is still a great inspiration!)

December 16, 2010

My Michigan

sldMichigan-8×10, originally uploaded by colleen sullivan leh.

I took this picture at the Lumberman’s Monument outside of Oscoda. It’s up north, so “outside of” means about 20 miles away.

The stairs from the visitor center down to the river are a real workout. There is the river of course, plus a small waterfall on the way down (for me, the bathrooms in the visitor center are a must-visit before heading down. And a bottle of water). There isn’t anything except stairs, a few seats, and the small barge on the river.

For this image, I added textures and made adjustments to replicate a vintage postcard look. Originally, I’d done this for a dribbble rebound of where we live, but made it larger because someone who had seen it on dribbble wanted a print. So cool!

December 10, 2010

A Lake Orion Dragon

This wonderful guy is proud to be a Lake Orion dragon. He was carved entirely with a chainsaw by Gary Elzerman. There is a carved an “LO” on the rocks and a plaque.

If you’re in a school or sports group in Lake Orion, you’re welcome to come by and take a photo with him! Send an email to dragon@loveandheartness.com to let him know you’re on your way.

November 3, 2010

getting ready – october 17

getting ready for halloween with this cheerful fellow!

October 18, 2010

feb15: 46/365 headache

Yep, that’s my day in a nutshell. Headache killers at my desk, to be taken with a night-time cup of coffee.

Really hoping Tuesday is a better day all around.

Poor Little Mister was sick last night, had to pick him up early from my sisters house. Missing out on cousin time AND sick on a no-school day. You bet he’s bummed, poor little guy!

February 15, 2010

34/365 slightly spooky

Was trying for something else, a look at our local highway and light noise, but the quietness of these shadows and lights were more interesting tonight.

February 4, 2010

33/365 colorful light

Spent a good portion of the day at the dentist office, paying for my wasted youth, for what is hopefully the last time. Thank goodness kids get advanced stuff these days, the next generation should have it much easier.

The light they use picks up all kinds of colors — it can be pastel or bright, and even turned off it’s kicking light around.

They thought I was a little weird moving the light around during a break to take photos, but they liked the photos when I was done.

February 2, 2010

32/365 moon over morning

When I was sending Little Mister off to school, the moon was still up in the sky. Decided to give the camera found yesterday a shot, since I’d really like to take some night photos for this challenge.

Dawn was not quite approaching, so everything was still bathed in moonlight. Buses were running, cars were driving, and the moon still shone bright. I adore the moon glow on the porch columns.

The camera did pretty darn good.

February 1, 2010

31/365 singing still

Today, we found another camera. Tested it against the other 2 in the house. It’s a step up from my camera, but a step down from a dslr. I think it might do better with macros and adding a little depth of field I’m craving, but it makes it too difficult to do something that isn’t quite right.

I need to get my hands on a lens I can turn to focus. A tiny lcd screen and weird buttons just does not cut it for me.

Yes, it was frustrating. I think I’ll stick with my little standby until I can get something good. With a big ol lens I have to tote around, just like the good old days.

What I’d really like is a digital pinhole camera, but that ain’t gonna happen!

January 31, 2010

28/365 Homemade soup

homemade soup made with homemade stock cooked on a woodburning stove. It does not any cozier than this.

Which is good, because this ear infection really brings me down.

The light made everything pale, so I used the iPhone photoshop app to saturate a bit more, which made everything but the chicken more realistic. I promise, the chicken was NOT pink. It was leftovers from last nights chicken cooked in beer and herbs. More yummy flavor and all I had to do was throw stuff in a pot and put on the woodburning stove. Smelled like Grandma’s house. Which was good, because it got up to 5degrees today. Brrr.

January 29, 2010