Starting the digital year safely

Backed up 2 (of the three) computers and set up a new storage system for the second computer. Also ordered a new laptop for my business after realizing that the slowness and frustration were not worth it anymore. So later this week a shiny new MacBook air will be mine! Woot!

Wickedly good

Went to the opera house today. (have you seen “Shining Through”? I always hear Melanie griffiths way of saying Opera in that movie). Saw wicked with a delightful bunch of people. Here are a few of us: It was as you can guess amazing. Better than the book. Seemed different from the last time I …

Little things all the way

In my head the title is sung to the tune of jingle bells. Today was the mad dash to finish up shopping and wrapping and cookie delivery. I even squeezed in lunch with my sister, and visited with with friends over a glass of wine. Picked out specialty beer as a gift, which was really …

Done and cleaned up, dec 22

Finished a bunch of these little beauties They are hot pads. A lot of them! Such fun to make.