Meet Bownita and EdithAnn

Went shopping for our Christmas photo outfits and found this awesome gem sitting on a shelf at Salvation Army:

Meet Bownita, the holiday armadillo. She’s super easy going and likes to dance.

Nothing else around her was even close to this level cool. She nods or shakes her head, and helped me pick out stuff around the store. You can’t tell from this photo, but one of her ears is a little wonky and looks like a bow. The Santa hat is covering it up. Kaylee said she’s like an Elf on the Shelf, which confused me because I wasn’t sure who she would report back to at night (some other desert animal bearing presents? a giant armadillo?) but Kaylee said it was more about beingĀ mischievousĀ and making messes. Then other people in he check out line were helping with her story — what sort of messes an armadillo would make and what sort of holidays there would be. Really, the most fun people are in Salvation Army check-out lines!

I also found this little cutie:

EdithAnn. She says “chopper hopper” but really is a big sweetie. So she might be a sugar bowl.

She was full price at $6, which I am considering a real steal. She fits right in with the house, and Alex suggested she starts duty as a sugar bowl. Which is awesome. She couldn’t be “Edith” without the “Ann”, so I got to introduce Kaylee to the magic of Lily Tomlin.

The line at Salvation Army will never be so funny again.