Jazz in Detroit

Took Alex to Detroit to see the Civic Jazz Ensembles (student groups) at the DSO, then the Duke Ellington Orchestra concert at Orchestra Hall. We met up with friends for the ensembles concert, and it was set up with tables and a bar, like a jazz club. The kids were really impressive.

The Duke Ellington Orchestra was outstanding! Plus it was  fun to hear the audience reactions to the leader saying what song would come next — the “ooohs” of anticipation. I’d never been in the balcony before and it had really great views. The only downside is too little legroom.

View from the balcony. What a gorgeous hall.

Because the ensembles started at 6:30pm, we left home early and ended up driving through the financial district when people were leaving work, looking happy dressed in suits and greeting each other.

After dinner Alex says “we have some time to kill, want to drive around randomly?” I thought he was being sarcastic but no, he really likes that — which is SO awesome because I like exploring the city, too. Fun night in Detroit!