DUCF and Noel Night

Went with the gang to the Detroit Urban Craft Fair at the Masonic Temple. None of us had been to the Masonic before, and they were pretty strict on where you could and could not go. The fair was awesome fun! It’s an indie craft fair and not much like the one at your church. Spent more than intended and so happy about it!

These are the cuties who are awesome to travel with
View from the lot across from the Masonic Temple. Can it get more urban?
So much hope, beauty, and sadness all together
My son took a picture of me taking a picture of the sign.

Then we went to Noel Night along Woodward Avenue. SO MUCH FUN. We saw ice sculptures in front of the DIA, got hot chocolate from a cute little coffee shop on Woodward, went into the lobby of a beautiful old building, ate at the International Center (not-spicy-chicken-curry is still too spicy for me!), went to what we all hope is NOT the last night of the Detroit Science Center (love that place). Since the little ones and Alex could spend an entire day at the Science Center, I visited the library on Woodward for the first time, then went around some of the DIA — even ran into people I know! And through it all was music — turn the corner and there’s a marching band, a small orchestra set up in the Rivera room of the DIA, saxaphones, flutes, singing groups… and a ton of people. It was really, really nice and I plan on going back again next year.

Stairs the Detroit Public Library. You can see some people from the huge crowd that was there!
Ceiling at the Detroit Public Library, old part that faces Woodward