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My Michigan

Dec 10, 2010 - lens - 0 Comments - Standard

sldMichigan-8×10, originally uploaded by colleen sullivan leh. I took this picture at the Lumberman’s Monument outside of Oscoda. It’s up north, so “outside of” means about 20 miles away. The stairs from the visitor center down to the river are a real workout. There is the river of course, plus a small waterfall on the […]

A Lake Orion Dragon

A Lake Orion Dragon

Nov 03, 2010 - lens - 0 Comments - Standard

This wonderful guy is proud to be a Lake Orion dragon. He was carved entirely with a chainsaw by Gary Elzerman. There is a carved an “LO” on the rocks and a plaque. If you’re in a school or sports group in Lake Orion, you’re welcome to come by and take a photo with him! […]

feb15: 46/365 headache

Feb 15, 2010 - lens - 0 Comments - Standard

Yep, that’s my day in a nutshell. Headache killers at my desk, to be taken with a night-time cup of coffee. Really hoping Tuesday is a better day all around. Poor Little Mister was sick last night, had to pick him up early from my sisters house. Missing out on cousin time AND sick on […]

34/365 slightly spooky

Feb 04, 2010 - lens - 0 Comments - Standard

Was trying for something else, a look at our local highway and light noise, but the quietness of these shadows and lights were more interesting tonight.

33/365 colorful light

Feb 02, 2010 - lens - 0 Comments - Standard

Spent a good portion of the day at the dentist office, paying for my wasted youth, for what is hopefully the last time. Thank goodness kids get advanced stuff these days, the next generation should have it much easier. The light they use picks up all kinds of colors — it can be pastel or […]

32/365 moon over morning

Feb 01, 2010 - lens - 0 Comments - Standard

When I was sending Little Mister off to school, the moon was still up in the sky. Decided to give the camera found yesterday a shot, since I’d really like to take some night photos for this challenge. Dawn was not quite approaching, so everything was still bathed in moonlight. Buses were running, cars were […]

31/365 singing still

Jan 31, 2010 - lens - 0 Comments - Standard

Today, we found another camera. Tested it against the other 2 in the house. It’s a step up from my camera, but a step down from a dslr. I think it might do better with macros and adding a little depth of field I’m craving, but it makes it too difficult to do something that […]

28/365 Homemade soup

Jan 29, 2010 - lens - 0 Comments - Standard

homemade soup made with homemade stock cooked on a woodburning stove. It does not any cozier than this. Which is good, because this ear infection really brings me down. The light made everything pale, so I used the iPhone photoshop app to saturate a bit more, which made everything but the chicken more realistic. I […]

27/365 moon

Jan 27, 2010 - lens - 0 Comments - Standard

Had to visit the clinic unexpectedly, and saw the moon as I went in. I adore moon shots. Diagnosed with an ear infection. What am I, 8? Amazing how quickly it becomes painful and then spreads. No wonder the little ones get so loud. So, tonight is for catching up on dvr, not work. Lying […]